Sorry no flats currently available
Sorry no flats currently available
Room available later this summer
Room available later this summer


The Castle is divided into three flats. There are two small flats on the ground floor and there is a large flat which occupies the first floor and spaces under the roof. The building is officially classed as 2½ floors.  There may be a vacancy for a single person or couple.  The upper flat is rented on a shared tenancy basis with a maximum of 3 occupants.


Are you the right person to rent the castle?

I love old buildings

I prefer character to a featureless super insulated new flat.

I love log burning stoves and am an experienced user.

I open the windows and air rooms regularly(essential on an old building)

I do not like over-heated rooms and can stand the occasional draught.

I understand the responsibility of caring for a 200 year old listed building with many original and unusual features.


If you feel 'I' could be you please read on:


First floor flat

This is traditionally the main residence of the owners of the Castle. It can be considered to be a house in its own right. It contains the 'state' rooms and the circular hall click here to view pictures of interior


The Castle provides a comfortable and unique experience to live in. It combines traditional features with modern environmentally friendly additions The upper flat has views across the Firth of Tay to Dundee and the Tay rail bridge. We are now renting the upper flat on a shared tenancy basis.  For single people or couples.  The cost including all utilities and Council Tax can be less than £300 a month


Ground floor flats

In the past the ground floor consisted of three small flats. In the 1970s it was converted into a single flat. We have converted it again, to form two small, but unique living spaces.  The east flat is for rent while the west flat is for the owners use.

The most environmentally friendly materials were used (unfired clay blocks, clay plasters, and clay and lime based paints). The ground floor flats create an atmosphere all of their own. The low barrel vaulted ceilings make the flats cheap to heat.  Recently updated 'intelligent' electric heaters also reduce costs.  Most rooms have secondary glazing. There is a multi-fuel stove in the east flat which is the one for rent. The west flat is generally for the owners use.


Current Availability: Upper floor small bedroom  from Sept.  (Updated August 2017

email link to find out more about renting the Castle


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  • Douglas Mcfarlane (Wednesday, October 12 16 11:26 am BST)

    How our tenants pay is usually irrelevant. The most important thing is whether they are the right person/people to rent the Castle and that they fully understand their responsibilities in looking
    after an old historic building with all its quirks.

  • Mrs Ethel Redpath (Monday, October 10 16 02:40 pm BST)

    Hi there I was wondering if you accepted housing benefits we are really interested I understand if you are unable to thank you

We are located at:

The Yellow Castle

West Rd



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