Sorry no flats currently available
Sorry no flats currently available
Room available later this summer
Room available later this summer

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Updated April 2018: room in shared upper flat available later this summer.


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The Castle was built around 1813 by George Just. Unfortunately we have no documents to inform us why he chose a 'toy castle' for the design. Just was a builder on the make in a boom period. It is possible to speculate that the Castle was built to demonstrate to potential clients what he was capable of. During Doors Open day September 2013 it was suggested that it could have been used to train masons. The building boom meant that apprentice masons were certainly required. Alternatively, Just could have had cut stone from a 'real' castle that was being demolished. The 'real' but long gone Tayport Castle is a possibility. It is known that George Just later worked with the architect Carver, but it is unknown whether carver was involved in the design and construction of the Castle

The Castle has had various names: Newport Castle; The Old yellow Castle and the two it is most frequently called today; The Yellow Castle or simply the Castle.

The address from the good old days is: The Yellow Castle, West Newport, Fife


One thing is certain; it is not a castle, it is The Castle, and  following recent repairs and new coating of yellow limewash it has once again become The Yellow Castle to many.

The Castle is divided into three flats.  Two of these can be rented; the upper flat on a shared tenancy and the lower flat for a single person or couple without children.

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Created on November 23rd 2005

We are located at:

The Yellow Castle

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